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Tender Opportunities

Xanopia Women’s Business Group is proud to be an official license holder to publish procurement notices from the UNDB tenders database.

Why should I subscribe?

  • Gain immediate access to the latest tenders for worldwide project
  • Rely on official information on global business opportunities and projects in the pipeline
  • Become part of the global network and bid for contracts in over 160 countries and 40 business sectors
  • Expand your business overseas
  • Track your competition and find sub-contracting opportunities

UNDB has listed over $90 billion worth of projects financed by the world’s leading development banks
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Our Services

Women in Business

This is the business engine of Xanopia that aims to be one of the leading companies in Africa.

SMME Development and Recognition

Broad economic trends indicate that more and more women are opting to take the entrepreneurial route in forging their careers, whilst empowering them and giving them a wider array of opportunities.