FAQs for the UNDB Tender subscription

UNDB publishes current Procurement Notices and Contract Awards from multilateral development banks, the United Nations
agencies, and governments. Xanopia receives a daily feed of all these notices which is published to our website. You can subscribe for
a fee to be able to view, download, email or print the tender information.

UNDB receive procurement notices and contract awards from their partners daily. For the most part we publish procurement notices
and contract awards that are funded by development loans. All submissions are proof-read for content and edited so that information
is displayed in a standard format.

• Gain immediate access to the latest tenders for worldwide projects
• Rely on official information on global business opportunities and projects in the pipeline
• Become part of the global network and bid for contracts in over 160 countries and 40 business sectors
• Expand your business overseas
• Track your competition and find sub-contracting opportunities

UNDB has listed over $90 billion worth of projects financed by the world’s leading development banks

You can sign-up in three easy ways to subscribe to our feed of the latest global tenders:
3 months subscription – R749.99
6 months subscription – R1499.99
12 months subscription – get 1 month free! – R2749.99
All payments are processed via PayFast.

We cater only for ZAR and USD payments. The USD rate indicated is updated on an hourly basis.
For USD payments, when redirected to the Payfast payment portal, the currency will convert back to ZAR as Payfast only facilitate ZAR payments.
Your bank will do the conversion from USD to ZAR. Your invoice from Payfast will indicate the payment in USD.

To subscribe online, select one of the three subscription plans. Enter your User-id, Password, Contact details, Company details and accept the Terms and Conditions. Thereafter follow the prompts to complete the payment details.

 You may cancel your Account at any time during the initial 7-day period, by sending E-mail to info@xanopia.co.za,  and you will then receive a full refund of any fees paid. After the initial 7-day period, you may terminate your Account at any time by sending an E-mail to the above address. Upon termination, you will receive confirmation via E-mail that your request was received, and your access to the Service will be terminated. You will not be entitled to a refund of the subscription fee if you terminate the Subscriber Agreement after the initial 7-day period has lapsed.

Refer to Section 13 of the Terms and Conditions.

No, we are not involved in the actual procurement of goods, works or services.

The bidding process is managed by the implementing agency. Each tender provides contact information at the bottom of each notice
for procurement and/or project officers for any questions during the application process.

Kindly contact info@xanopia.co.za for more information or website assistance.

The log-in username and password you create at the time of registration provides access for one user only.

Retrieve your username and password by sending an email to info@xanopia.co.za

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