Xanopia is composed of – Women in Business and SMME Development and Recognition

Women in Business


One of the critical problems we have identified is access to markets for SME’s With access to over 53 countries we offer you an opportunity to advertise with us to grow your Business - launching soon!

Funding and Business Opportunity

We have various business opportunities to create sustainability and wealth. Funding - we have partnered with various funding houses to offer funding options to the entrepreneur

SMME Development and Recognition

Broad economic trends indicate that more and more women are opting to take the entrepreneurial route in forging their careers, whilst empowering them and giving them a wider array of opportunities.

The challenge is that most of these women are new to the business world and hence they either lack the confidence or skill to manage and grow their businesses or tend to make costly mistakes, which would otherwise be avoided.

Our solution to these challenges is to educate, assist and encourage women in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. 



Our objective is to recognize entrepreneurs who have succeeded in all aspects of business.

This will be done monthly and yearly.

Training and Mentorship

Training - we have partnered with different training institutes to assist the SMME with skills development.
Mentorship - access to a mentor is often the difference between success and failure of many entrepreneurs. This is why we offer different mentorship programs to help grow you and your business